About Continental du Sud

The oldest hotel in Sweden opened in the name Hôtel du Sud. The property was originally built in 1814 on the remains of a custom house and functioned as a small inn close to the harbour. In the beginning of the 19th century Ystad was Sweden’s most important harbour for trade and travelling over the Baltic Sea to the European continent. The need for accommodation was great when the hotel opened in year 1829. By this time Ystad was the gateway to Europe and could now proudly offer a modern hotel for the town guests.

Sailors and travellers overseas were an important group of visitors to the bars and inns in the hotel’s surrounding area. Still today the name “Supgränd” (“Drinking alley”), on the street to the east of the hotel, reminds us of what kind of activities the people of the area were devoted to. The hotel was closed completely during two years of restauration and opened fresh in 1907 under the name “Continental”. The ceiling decorations, the marble stairs, the massive oak parquet in the restaurant, the beautiful stone floors, the delicat